Criminal proceedings for tax fraud

I represent my clients in criminal proceedings for tax fraud with the authorities for administrative fines and criminal proceedings and / or the tax investigation department of the tax office with a focus on regulating the matter of the fiscal proceedings, i.e. by reaching a settlement or by means of a voluntary declaration.

I advise clients on handling foundations in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, etc., as well as on suspected tax fraud during a company audit.

I am frequently contacted by heirs who have received an inheritance with a “tax issue”. The background to this is when the testator has not met its fiscal obligations to the full extent. In such cases, if the heirs have knowledge of this, or should have had knowledge of this, they are subject to an obligation to report the matter. If this obligation is breached, it may lead to legal consequences with respect to tax fraud. My office resolves such regular, complex cases for both the testator as well as the heirs, in both fiscal terms as well as in terms of the proceedings for tax fraud.